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AniJGrl7's Artistic Space

Ani the Pixel Alchemist
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You've come to ani_art the place I showcase my best Photoshop creations. I've been an icon artist for over a year now. I used to talk abot how bad of an icon maker I am on this info page but now i've realised that i've actually learned alot over the year. I mostly post icons here but I also post Photoshop edits. I may at time to time post other things relating to art here such as banners and some school art works I am working on. School art will mainly be links to my DA account.

1. Please Comment when taking
2. No Hotlinking
3. Credit (in keywords)
4. Do not edit work unless given permission.

Please Credit and Comment

Requests: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED due to school
I do requests. If you leave a note in a recent post about what you want and what you are looking for I can help. Or you can e-mail me at my request only e-mail address. The latter may take longer for me to get back to you though. Requests that I specialize in are anime, cartoon network, or Harry Potter related, but I will do others as well. But be advised I may have to decline for various reasons and will let you know. Requests are usually completed within 2-3 days or sooner. Requester's should also follow rules 2 through 4 above.

I use Tags for all my icons. By clicking on the links below you can look at all my icons that are for each category. By clicking on a link it will show you all the posts in my journal that have icons for that theme.

Black Cat Icons
Bleach Icons
Cardcaptor Sakura Icons
Codename: Kids Next Door Icons
Fruits Basket Icons
Fullmetal Alchemist Icons
Full Moon wo Sagashite Icons
Ginban Kalidescope Icons
Kingdom Hearts Icons
Naruto Icons
Ouran High School Host Club Icons
Suzumiya (Series) Icons
Tsubasa (Reservoir) Chronicle Icons
Other Icons

Artwork and photographs belong to their respective owners unless otherwise stated.
Some brushes may have been obtained through 100x100_brushes.
This isn't to say that I don't use my own brushes or own text.

CREDITS are listed Here

All other used brushes are mentioned in posts.


fma_hush <-- now closed

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